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Error while installing the theme: The theme is missing style.css stylesheet

That’s a common issue caused by uploading the incorrect zip file. Go back to and when clicking the Download button, choose the Installable WordPress file only.

How do I set a cover image for a blog post ?

When adding a post, go to the bottom right corner of the page. There you will find the Featured Image block, using which you can set a cover image for the post.

I cannot install your plugins, I keep receiving an error message!

The reason of this problem is that your hosting provider is not allowing you to install third-party plugins. Try to contact your hosting provider and tell them about your problem.

I want my site to work with Google Analytics, it there a built-in option?

No, there is not. We suggest using third-party plugins, for example Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights.

I want to disable the cart icon in the header!

The cart icon is part of the WooCommerce plugin. Disabling the plugin will make the icon disappear.

If you don’t want to disable the plugin, use the following CSS code:
<pre class=”hljs css”><span class=”hljs-selector-id”>#masthead</span> <span class=”hljs-selector-class”>.menu-other</span> &gt; <span class=”hljs-selector-tag”>li</span> &gt; <span class=”hljs-selector-tag”>a</span><span class=”hljs-selector-class”>.cart</span> {
<span class=”hljs-attribute”>display</span>: none;

I want to create a masonry layout project page

Masonry is the standard layout of our portfolio pages. Either choose the Portfolio page template when adding a new page, or add a recent projects shortcode to an existing page.

Why the WPML plugin does not come with your theme? You said you have ``WPML-support``.

“WPML-support” means that stockie is fully compatible with the plugin, but you need to buy it if you want your site to have it.

The settings block of a VC element are blank.

Either your session was terminated by the server or by the site administrator.

Try relogging into your account. Also you can check your console, there may be something that can help clarify this issue.

My portfolio page elements don't open in a popup window.

Activate the Open projects in popup option in your Recent Projects block. To find the block: Pages > All Pages, while editing the page you need, you will find your Recent Projects block among your Visual Composer elements.

How do I change the front page of my site?

If changing the front page is what you want, here is a how-to:

1. Log in to the administration area of your WordPress site.

2. Click on “Settings” in the left sidebar to expand the “Settings” submenu. Click on “Reading” in the submenu.

3. Click on the radio button labelled “A static page” in the “Front Page Displays” section to set the front page to display a static page. Use the drop-down menu labeled “Front Page” to set which of your WordPress pages you would like to use as the front page. Use the drop-down menu labeled “Posts Page” to select the page you would like to use to display your WordPress posts, since they will no longer be shown on the front page.

4. Click the blue “Save” button at the bottom of the page to change your default home page on your WordPress site.

How do I change the logo in the header and the footer of my site?

Go to Dashboard &gt; Theme Settings &gt; Header and set your header logo.

Go to Dashboard &gt; Theme Settings &gt; Footer  and set your footer/sidebar logo.

Can't update anything, constantly getting timed out

It is time you and your hosting provider have a talk.

When I click on a product in my shop, it brings me to a blank page

When WooCommerce is installed and configured in a certain way, the old permalinks get cached . Go to Dashboard &gt; Settings &gt; Permalinks and click on Save. This should resave the data and make the products available by those links.

If this does not help, try reinstalling WooCommerce.

Is there a way to add related posts at the end of a post?

To do this, you must have a sufficient number of posts on your site.Then go to Theme Settings&gt; Blog, find the  “Related posts” block, set it to be “No”.

I want my blog front page to have pagination.

– Create a new page and choose the Blog page template

– Customize it the way you want (<span class=”short_text” lang=”en”> there will be all the necessary settings</span> ) and publish it

– Go to Settings &gt; Reading and set this page to be your Front Page

Going to import a demo, wondering if I will lose my changes

Importing a demo will upload and change the main page, add some widgets and change the global settings. No content will be changed. You will NOT lose your changes.