Setting up typography #

With Ohio, you can use 1K+ free Google Fonts, 12K+ free/premium Adobe Fonts, and an unlimited number of your own web fonts from different resources.

To set up custom fonts for your website make the following:

  • From the dashboard go to Theme Settings Typography General Settings;
  • And choose the fonts source;

Google Fonts #

  • Google Fonts are installed by default

Adobe Fonts #

  • From the dashboard go to Theme Settings Typography General Settings
  • Click on “Adobe Fonts”
  • After your registration/login you will see a tab Browse Fonts
  • Choose the font which you would like to add to your website and click Add to web project
  • a) Create a new project (Give your project name and choose which font styles you want to add in it)
  • b) Or choose a project that you already have
  • Copy your Project ID
  • Go back to your WordPress dashboard and paste Project ID
  • Click on Add Font button and fill the field by font family from your web project which you would like use on your website.
    Also, you can choose what kind of font styles to add on the website.
You can add more than one font, for this just click Add Font and repeat these steps.

Don't forget to add fonts to your web-project in Adobe Typekit.

  • After all of these steps don’t forget to click Update for the save all settings.

Custom Fonts #

All the font credits (Space Grotesk, Blacker Pro, etc.) on the Ohio website are used only for demonstration purposes and aren’t included with your purchase. After installing the specific demos you can find out that some fonts are missing on your website. In that case, you can add any custom font using the method below:

  • From the dashboard go to Theme Settings Typography General Settings;
  • Choose the Custom Fonts source;
  • Add a new font (e.g. SpaceGrotesk-Bold.woff);
  • Add the font name and choose the font weight and style;
  • Hint the Update button to save changes.
You can add more than one custom font for your website. Just repeat the following steps one more time for each font.

Now you should have an embedded Space Grotesk font and you can use it to change the standard typography of your website.

  • From the dashboard go to Theme Settings Typography Fonts;
  • Choose the previously embedded font from the Font family dropdown menu;
  • Save changes.

Now you should have a custom typography on your website.

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